Libido's tenth anniversary

Glenn Underground
Glenn Underground

Celebrate Libido's tenth anniversary with the club night's directors Pau Roca and Gon, who brought the party from humble beginnings a decade ago at Walden to BeCool, and finally to Nitsa in Apolo, where it's been not-so-quietly residing for more than six years now. Fans of good house music don't miss the chance to get to Libido's bimonthly fiesta, which has featured artists such as Rick Wilhite, Jovonn, Mr. Mendel, Dj Bone, Dan Shake, Jamie Tiller, and John Gómez, along with local selectors including Chelis, MLiR, Dadame, Abu Sou, J Bruce Lee, and residents Pau Roca and Gon themselves. The two have organised a tour that will head to Madrid and Ibiza, but their first stop couldn't be anywhere else but home. The guest of honour tonight is Glenn Underground, a true icon of house. The Barcelona debut of the musician from Chicago promises to be a memorable night of soulful house.

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