Pablo Bolivar + Maurice Aymard

Pablo Bolivar + Maurice Aymard
Pablo Bolivar

Maurice Aymard, besides being one of Venezuela's top DJs, is the creator and owner of Galaktika Rekords, which started out as a record shop, and is now celebrating its tenth anniversary as a recording label. Aymard directs the sounds of his label toward evocative trance, tech house, techno grooves and the deepest house. Joining him for the birthday party is Palbo Bolivar, author of 'Must' (Avantroots, 2013), an instant classic of electronica, elegance and good taste; produced hits such as 'You Too' (Desolado, 2012), 'Dynamo' (Galaktika, 2010) and 'My Favourite Colour' (Avantroots, 2010); and he's one of the two members of Pulshar, along with Sergio Sainz, a duo whose music is full of sensuality and synthetic soul.


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