BIG: Barcelona Improv Group, Imagine

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BIG: Barcelona Improv Group
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When we let our imaginations wander, there's no limit to what we can discover. In improv the ideas and energy of the players mingle and build, creating a final product that surprises everyone. Barcelona Improv Group will put that to the test at their first ever double show weekend! On February 16 and 17, BIG will perform 'The Harold', a three-act improvised play that starts with a single word suggestion from the audience and brings forth a previously unknown world for players and audience alike to discover and imagine. And just as no two audiences are alike, each show, like its starting suggestion, will be completely different.

Joining BIG for both nights is the incredible Neil Curran of Dublin, Ireland, who taught and performed at BIG IF 3 and 4. Treat yourself and go along to both nights and see two completely different worlds.

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