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Circ d'ara mateix: La cosa

  • Dance

Time Out says

Choreographer: Claudio Stellato. Performers: Julian Blight, Mathieu Delangle, Valentin Pythoud, Claudio Stellato.
'La cosa' ('The thing') is the result of three years of research that has explored two subjects in-depth: the importance of rituals, and the impact of natural materials on audiences. Since September 2014, wood has been a key element on the stage, and become the source for the choreography featured in 'La cosa'. 
The aim of Claudio Stellato with this work is to bring the creation of objects and spaces to the stage, using a primary material. For instance, by showing the physical process involved in both the construction and destruction of structures and sculptures. During the show, the four performers will make intensive physical efforts using great technical precision. At the same time, they will focus on various types of human relationships, such as co-operation, competition, violence, friendship, confidence and complicity. 


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