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Grec 2016: Brinca Bros

  • Dance

Time Out says

Authors: Brodas Bros and Brincadeira.

This show is dedicated to the drum, which symbolises the heart. Its beats are the first rhythms we hear, they make us vibrate and help us to glimpse parts of our soul. The rhythm of these drums are at the heart of a show that meditates on such ideas as leading or allowing oneself to be led, two different but closely interrelated positions that are interpreted in several ways. Positive and negative energy, wood and iron and so on, are elements that, like yin and yang, symbolise our constant search for balance. In the end, everything is connection: from a rope to the smallest particle in our bodies. 'Brinca Bros' is also about connection: two elements that seek to connect, not only with each other, but also with the audience, with music, with movement and with the world as a whole. They seek this connection through improvisation and participation, because the show is open, so that each day it beats and is constructed differently. Positive energy, a cheerful attitude, hip-hop with a Mediterranean flavour and oodles of rhythm.


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