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Grec 2016: Dance to death

  • Dance

Time Out says

Direction: Alberto Velasco. Texts: Sònia Barba. Performers: Anna Briansó, Alba Aloy, Alejandro Bordanove, Armand Villén, Berta Graells, Carmen Gómez, Coral Ortega, Ettore Colombo, Marc Joy, Miquel Bonet, Raquel Molano, Sonia Barba, Shanice Stanislaus and Tamara Ndong. Choreography: Alberto Velasco and performers.

Albert Velasco has created this site-specific piece inspired by the 1935 novel 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' by Horace McCoy, which was made into a film in 1969 by director Sydney Pollack. This dance performance takes the idea of the story of a dance marathon where contestants with very little to no money or income participate until they can't go on any longer in order to win a cash prize.


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