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Grec 2016: Questcequetudeviens?

  • Dance

Time Out says

Concept, scenography and direction: Aurélien Bory. Choreography and dance: Stéphanie Fuster.
At the 2013 Grec Festival, Aurélien Bory presented 'Plexus', a portrait in dance by Japanese ballerina Kaori Ito. However, there was a forerunner to that show, the first choreographic portrait to feature on the festival programme – that is, the piece by Stéphanie Fuster, a young French artist who, taking all and sundry by surprise, decided to take a leap into the unknown and move to the south of Spain to study flamenco for eight years with the 'bailaor' Israel Galván. The title of this new production reflects the question about a radical change, one that can be as fascinating as it is terrifying. 'Questcequetudeviens?' started to take shape when Fuster returned to France and asked Bory to create a show for her. Devoted to investigating space in his stage productions and a stranger to the world of flamenco, Bory at first refused. However, the idea gradually grew on him until he realised that he wanted to create the portrait of the dancer, not so much recounting her life as exploring the contrast between her inner world, dedicated to the solitary, repetitive practice of flamenco technique, and an external reality in which she faced all kinds of obstacles. Accompanied by live music performed by 'cantaor' Alberto García, and José Sánchez on guitar.


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