Grec 2017: Jacopo Godani / Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

3 out of 5 stars
Jacopo Godani / Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
© Paolo Porto Jacopo Godani / Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

Barcelona's Grec arts festival has its first performance for this year at the eponymous Teatre Grec, featuring the renowned Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

Choreography, lighting, wardrobe and set design: Jacopo Godani.

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company opens this year's festival Grec at the Teatre Grec (an open-air theatre on Montjuïc designed in the style of a ancient Greek performance space) with choreographies by the company's director, Jacopo Godani, an artist who controls all aspects of the shows he puts on, and who presents a new, vibrant choreographic language based on virtuosity. He brings three pieces to the Grec: 'Metamorphers', based on Béla Bártok's chamber work 'String quartet nº 4'; 'Echoes from a restless soul', which explores two fragments from the triptych by Maurice Ravel 'Gaspard de la Nuit'; and 'Moto Perpetu', a piece that involves a great physicality and mathematical precision which starts with a neoclassical matrix and evolves towards contemporary forms to the sound of electronic rhythms.