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Introducing The Star

  • Dance

Time Out says

A project by: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld & Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc.

'Introducing The Star' is a dance performance, a film and a music album. The project reflects on the human need of collective communion in times of sound and physical ecstasies, and presents a character called The Star to facilitate these experiences. By appropriating pop strategies, it dismantles the self-affirmative identity of the leader and dissolves it into a non-precise and mutable one.

Introducing The Star is a gerund, an introduction to a cosmogonical imagery. It's a musical fiction crossed with autobiography, an epic and intimate cosmogony, and a fable about pregnant choir girls, flying viruses, gestation, infections, babies, science fiction and electronic music. It's a fragmented narrative full of doubts and mistakes.

There will also be free screenings of the film 'Introducing The Star: The Choir Girls Diaries' at 7pm and 11pm, and on Sunday at 5.30pm and 8pm.


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