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Time Out says

The collective Big Bouncers comes to the Mercat de les Flors with 'O.V.N.I.', a piece that explores the relationship between object/body/context/meaning, unveiling possible imaginary situations that arise from the combination or alteration of these relationships. The objects, which by definition are limited entities with a precise function and perceptible at the same time by the senses of touch and sight, serve in this piece as a trigger to pose a series of questions: What is the function of an object? How do we relate to the object? How long will the object last performing the function for which it was created? How many different uses can we give to an object? Where will it stop when it ceases to be useful? How long will it take the matter that composes it to disappear from the planet?

Direction: Big Bouncers (Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol and Anna Rubirola). Creation and performance: Cecilia Colacrai, Mireia de Querol, Anna Rubirola, Ursa Sekirnic. Texts: Big Bouncers, Tanya Beyeler.


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