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Planet Romeo

  • Dance

Time Out says

Concept, choreography, pole dance/performance: Daniel Kok. Dramaturgy: Jorge Gonçalves.

"What if when I say I'm working on my relationship with the audience I meant it literally? What if when I look back at the audience from the stage, I can look each of you in the eye and recognise you? What if we have already had an intimate relationship by the time you come into the theatre to watch me? Through the online portal, I went on 40 dates in 60 days. During the encounters, I asked each date for a gift in response to our relationship.  In exchange, I invited my gayromeos back to the performance where I gave my gift in the form of a dance. 'You are going to be my bitch.' Looking me in the eyes, he smiled slightly and said in a thick accent, 'You understand? You are going to be my bitch.'"


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