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Secció irregular: Carta blanca a Luz Broto + Cap a una estètica de la bona voluntat + Sense títol

  • Dance

Time Out says

This seventh session of the 'Irregular section' at Mercat de les Flors features three pieces by three different authors: 'Carta blanca a Luz Broto', by Luz Broto, an artist who comes from the visual arts but often works with the presence, space and arrangement of bodies in a way that is sometimes like theatre and others like choreography; 'Cap a una estètica de la bona voluntat', from Amaranta Velarde, a piece inspired by the future imagined by Michel Houllebecq in the book 'Les Particules Élémentaires'; and 'Untitled', by Evol, an audiovisual piece for speakers, strobe lights and photoluminescent paint that plays with the dualities of visible/inivisible, audible/inaudible, contraction/expansion.


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