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Secció irregular: Intravía

  • Dance

Time Out says

Organised in sessions for 15 people who sign up in advance, the project known as 'Intravía' is a night walk through the forest of Collserola in which participants are also protagonists of the work. An unknown natural space, a space with cultural intervention and spaces in the mind of each person are the sets and actors. Perceptual limits, the symbolic construction of the place and the physical experience function as stimuli and as obstacles. The event is highly implicative and not without a sense of ritual that offers a dialogue between audience, environment and artistic intervention. The walk, which includes stages, forms of interaction and different times, is guided by a set of rules that will be given out at the starting point. An 'animal approach to landscape' as a cultural phenomenology that avoids the commonplace such as bucolic romanticism or precious landscape, in the interests of genuine experimentation with the vehicle of intimacy.


€12 (Must book in advance)
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