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Secció irregular: We love radio

  • Dance

Time Out says

As an epilogue to the exhibition of sound art 'Intèrval', the Irregular Section presents, in collaboration with the Antoni Tàpies Foundation and BUDA (Kortrijk), selected works of sound art by artists from the field of experimental dance. In a world heavily dominated by images, it seems that artists are paying more and more attention to sound and, by extension, to the radio. For many creators of contemporary art radio is not just an old and good communication tool, but it has a wide range of interesting possibilities: the disconnection time, and space, voice and body, stimulate listeners' imaginations, and they become an active audience of an imaginary show, each creating their own images to the sounds they hear. For the duration of this two-day festival, a group of multidisciplinary artists from across Europe will explore the relationships between radio and several unexpected formats.


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