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Un cuerpo sinvergüenza (An unashamed body)

  • Dance

Time Out says

Created and performed by: Angela Peris Alcantud and Koldo Arostegui

We reach adolescence like tin robots, ready for anything except feeling relaxed in our own bodies. From the age of 11 onward, hormones brazenly take possession of our temperaments and provoke unexpected changes in our bodies. As though in a science-fiction film we mutate, we change shape. Adolescence is a period of change but also a search for identity. Angela and Koldo have a wish: to return to that period and use their skin as the starting point. From the skin outward, they want to build a home full of sensations so as to discover and rediscover themselves in every nook and cranny – a safe and fertile place in which the desires of imagination can flourish, making them capable of any feat, of achieving the impossible.


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