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Time Out says

Direction: Marcos Morau. Choreograpy: Marcos Morau in cooperation with the dancers. Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini and Pablo Gisbert – El Conde de Torrefiel. Cast: Lorena Nogal, Manuel Rodríguez, Marina Rodríguez, Giacomo Todeschi, Jon López, Shay Partush, Joaquín Collado, Sau-Ching Wong.

The deepest cave in the world is the inspiration for Vorònia, the new piece by La Veronal. It is defined as an exploration of evil through an explosive combination of movement, text and imagery.

Darkness and shadow reign at the bottom of the Voronya cave, an abyss more than 2,000 meters deep located in Georgia, in the Western Caucasus. This is an ideal setting for the exploration of evil and concepts such as human morality and religion. 'Vorònia' is an allegory of hell expressed by dance company La Veronal through the figures and symbolic images that fill the stage.

La Veronal, formed in 2005 by artists from dance, cinema, photography and literature, has been supported by the Mercat de les Flors since its beginnings. The director won the Spanish National Dance Award in 2014.


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