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Time Out says

By: Montse Sánchez and Ramón Baeza. With: Vanesa Domínguez, Ruth García, Marisa Güimil, Cristina Casanova, Montse Selma.

They were born in the 20th century, they've been dancing for 20 years, and the chromosomes of all the dancers are XX. That might help you get the title of this show that the Increpación Danza is putting on to celebrate their anniversary. Shame on you if you were expecting something more hard-core. In 1993 Montse Sánches and Ramón Baeza started working on a sort of renovation of the language of flamenco, adding in their own choreographic elements of contemporary dance. Now they look back over their twenty-year career of dancing as an all-female ensemble, and they as well as their fans see that the absence of male dancers hasn't been missed a bit. Sit back and enjoy moments and movements from the company's most represenative works that explain the group's origins. It's a look at the evolution and maturity of creative choreographers who continue to renew the language of dance.


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