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No Song to Sing


Time Out says

'No Song to Sing' is based on two songs from the world of pop culture: one with the same title composed by British musician Michael Chapman for 'Rainmaker' (1969), his first album; and one of Stevie Wonder's most commercial pop hits, 'I Just Called to Say I Love You' (1984). In both cases, the antagonistic relationship between the absence and presence of the song creates a conceptual ambiguity that, poetically, relates to sound production in contemporary art. This exhibition offers two types of approach to sound. First, a consultation space formed by ten physical and virtual editions (vinyl, CD and online formats) belonging to artists related to the sound made; second, an exhibition offshoot where the artistic practice of each one is propagated through the space and time of ADN Platform via formalizations as diverse as illustration, photography, video, sculpture, performance and concerts. The project is curated by David Armengol and Martí Manen, and features the participation of Johanna Billing, Bradien and Eduard Escoffet, Lucía C. Pino, Carles Congost, Laia Estruch, Antoni Hervàs, Pepo Salazar, TrisVonna-Michell, Richard T. Walker and Franziska Windisch.


Opening hours:
Sat 10.30am-3.30pm
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