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Beefeater In-Edit 2016

  • Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Those behind the Beefeater In-Edit festival finally stopped asking themselves if what they did was more about cinema or more about music. The director of the music documentary festival, Cristian Pascual, explains in the prologue to 'In-Edit. Made in Barcelona', the book that was released just before this year's event, which starts off on Thursday, October 27, and ends on Sunday, November 6. Whether you want to know more about your music idols, discover unique human stories or just see good films, the In-Edit festival has movies for everyone. Here's what's in store for the 14th edition this year:

The festival gets in on the celebration of 40 years since 1976 when the Ramones made their UK debut and the Sex Pistols became public enemy number one, dedicating this year's retrospective section not to one director but to the whole punk phenomenon, with a programme featuring more safety pins than a Vivienne Westwood design: films from Derek Jarman ('Jubilee'), Julien Temple ('The Filth and the Fury') and Don Letts ('Punk Attitude'), and the testament of rock and roll terrorist GG Allin, among others.

The punk thread carries on in the films of Kikol Graco about radical Basque rock groups Eskorbuto ('Las más macabras de las vidas') and Cicatriz ('Inadaptados'), and La Polla Records ('No somos nada'). The cherry on top comes in the form of 'Gimme Danger', the definitive documentary from Jim Jarmusch about proto punks The Stooges.

Another debut is the screening of 'Supersonic', about the golden age of Oasis – though the film's end happens before the band's dissolution that came out of the bitter sibling rivalry between Liam and Noel Gallagher – with a session on every day to coincide with the film's premiere.

If you were more a fan of a different group in the Britpop wars, you'll be happy to know that In-Edit is also screening 'Blur: New World Towers', which features their triumphant show in Hyde Park in 2015 as well as the making of 'The Magic Whip', their latest album. You also won't find a trace of bad vibes among the group here.

Swing kids, beboppers, rockers, punks, rappers... The history of music is often about the people living on the margins, and you'll find plenty of rebels during the In-Edit festival. 'Omega' tells the story of how Enrique Morente and Lagartija Nick engendered their influential album with flamenco and rock; 'Raving Iran' is about how to make house music in Iran; and 'Zivan Makes a Punk Festival' shows how to put on a festival in a Serbian village.

And what would music stories be without a few broken objects? This year you can enjoy (or suffer with) the rise and fall of a metal culture hero ('I Am Thor'), the dancers from Madonna's iconic 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour ('Strike a Pose'), and the African-American prepubescent trio Unlocking the Truth, the good guys in a story where the record industry is the bad guy ('Breaking a Monster').

Written by
Marta Salicrú


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