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CosmoNits de pel·lícula: Blade Runner

  • Film

Time Out says

Ridley Scott, USA, 1982. Original Version English, Spanish Subtitles.

The second showing of the CosmoNits festival is Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner', which is not only a cult film that revolutionized science fiction but also a film with a fascinating production design and soundtrack by Vangelis. This film is known for inviting debate and multiple interpretations thanks to an ending full of unknowns. In the future, the Tyrell Corporation has created an advanced model of robot identical to man, but superior to him in strength and agility, which is known as Replicators. Although they were designed to work as slaves in the space colonies, the robots ended up rebelling against their masters and now a special brigade is dedicated to discovering and hunting them.

Before the screening there will be a concert by Minimal Hits (9pm).


6 € (concert, pel·lícula i visita al museu)
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