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Grades Obertes: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

  • Film

Time Out says

Rupert Wyatt, USA, 2011. Original Version English, Spanish Subtitles.

The Canódromo, Creative Research Park continues the 'Grades Obertes' outdoor film sessions with 'The Rise of the planet of the Apes', directed by Rupert Wyatt in 2011. It is the prequel to the fantastic saga from the late 60's. It follows Will, a doctor who seeks a cure for Alzheimer's disease that affects his father. He works with monkeys to find a benign virus that makes the brain recover. After they close their investigation, Will decides to take home a chimpanzee he has been experimenting on. It is a very intelligent simian that increasingly evolves more and more until it acquires the ability to speak. In a short time, things go awry and he becomes the ringleader of an army of apes that will mean the end of humanity.


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