Halloween movie marathon: In the Mouth of Madness + Zombi 2 + Bad Taste

Nueva  York bajo el terror de los zombis

In the Mouth of Madness. John Carpenter. USA, 1994. 95'. / Zombi 2. Lucio Fulci. Italy, 1979. 91'. / Bad Taste. Peter Jackson. New Zealand, 1987. 91'.
(All in original version, Spanish subtitles)

Three big names in horror films star in this triple bill at Phenomena where you can spend Halloween night getting the life frightened out of you. John Carpenter opens the night with 'In the Mouth of Madness', where a writer's nightmares start to come true. Next it's Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci's turn to spatter blood and guts with 'Zombi 2'. And finally, before the comparatively soft and fuzzy world of the hobbits, Peter Jackson brought to the big screen gems such as this: 'Bad Taste' closes out the night with extraterrestrials looking for a missing ingredient for their favourite dish – human flesh.


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