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In-Edit 2019: Kate Nash

  • Film
Kate Nash: Underestimate the girl. Dir. Amy Goldstein
Foto: In-Edit 2019Kate Nash: Underestimate the girl. Dir. Amy Goldstein

Time Out says

In the mid-2000s, Kate Nash went from anonymity to idol with the track 'Foundations'. She got a taste of sweet success but also (or especially) got a feel for its trickery and a sample of the abuses of a music industry that treats people like products. 'Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl', directed by Amy Goldstein, focuses on explaining how someone who has had success then handles failure, and does it in the key of pop. This colourful documentary shines a light on Nash's worst moments and portrays a woman who refuses to allow anyone to dictate how she sings, dresses or behaves.


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