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In-Edit 2019: PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money

  • Film
PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money. Dir. Seamus Murphy
Foto: In-Edit 2019PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money. Dir. Seamus Murphy

Time Out says

Where do PJ Harvey's songs come from? This is not a documentary that seeks to interpret or to find a definite meaning, but rather to accompany Harvey and document that moment in which a landscape, a face or a gesture becomes a word and then a song. 'PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money' is the result of trips Harvey and documentary filmmaker and photojournalist Seamus Murphy – who also made the 12 short films that accompanied Harvey's 2011 'Let England Shake' album – took to Afghanistan, Kosovo and the Anacostia area of Washington, DC. These trips also became the genesis of Harvey's album 'The Hope Six Demolition' (2016), which was recorded on the ground floor of the Somerset House art center in London.


Opening hours:
Sun 26, 7pm; Sun 3, 9.45pm
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