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In-Edit Primavera Sound 2015: Wild Combination. A Portrait of Arthur Russell

  • Film, Drama

Time Out says

Matt Wolf. USA, 2008. Original language, Spanish subtitles. 71'.

The Maldà cinemas hosts the series of In-Edit music documentaries going hand in hand for the fifth consecutive year with the Primavera in the City programming part of Primavera Sound. The In-Edit film festival, which started in Barcelona in 2003, gives fans the chance to enjoy music from a cinematic perspective. Opening the festival is this documentary by Matt Wolf, whose subject is the late Arthur Russell. The journey begins in pastoral Iowa, where Russell dreamed of the beat poets, carries on to a Buddhist commune, and from there to New York City. And it's all filled with Russell's friendship with Allen Ginsberg, the ravages of AIDS, and a singular obsession: to find the perfect sound. Winner of the 2008 In-Edit music documentary film festival.


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