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Phantasma III Weekend of Horror

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Time Out says

From November 2 to 5, the Phenomena cinema brings you the third edition of its Phantasma Weekend of Horror, an intensive cycle during which they screen 20 horror films, from huge classics to special previews and small gems of the genre. The tight programme starts on Thursday 2 with the premiere of 'Tokyo Ghoul', an adaptation of the manga by Sui Ishida. One of the stars of this edition is the director Tobe Hooper, who passed away last August; Phenomena shows three of his best-known films as a small tribute: 'Lifeforce' (Fri 3, 1pm), 'Salem’s Lot' (Fri 3, 10pm) and 'The Funhouse' (Sat 4, 5pm). 

Another big name in the series is David Cronenberg, and you can see his 'Scanners' (Sat 4, 7.10pm) and 'The Brood' (Fri 3, 3.25pm), two films that mix science-fiction with pure terror. Fans of the works of Abel Ferrara are in luck, as you can see his 1993 version of 'Body Snatchers' (Sat 4, 9.20pm), which is a bit bloodier than earlier takes on the movie, and 'The Driller Killer' (Sat 4, 3pm), one of his first feature films. You'll also be treated to a new 4K copy of the Dario Argento cult classic 'Suspiria' (Sun 5, 8pm), as well as another cult film, from John McNaughton this time, 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer' (Sun 5, 6.15pm), and a second outing with Norman Bates in 'Psycho II' (Fri 3, 7.35pm), a sequel directed by Richard Franklin and written by Tom Holland ('Child's Play').

One of the most anticipated sessions every year is the All Night Grindhouse Marathon (Sat 4, 11.15pm), which this time around features serial killers and demonic beings, among other perverse creatures you'll meet in the films 'He Knows You're Alone', 'Elvira', 'Demons 2', and a surprise film.

Black magic and voodoo get their turn on the big screen with John Schlesinger's 'The Believers' (Fri 3, 5.20pm) and Wes Craven's 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' (Sat 4, 1pm). Classic horror fans won't be disappointed with 'The Devil's Bride', directed by Terence Fisher, and the Universal Monsters double bill (Sun 5, 12.40pm) featuring 'Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man' and 'The Invisible Man Returns', where you can find big actors of the genre such as Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Lon Chaney Jr.

The film festival comes to a close with the premiere of 'Jigsaw' (Sun 5, 8.15pm), the eighth movie in the 'Saw' franchise, one of the most famous and successful in the recent history of horror cinema.

(Note that the films in the All Night Grindhouse Marathon are dubbed into Spanish; all other films are shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles.)


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