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Americana 2015: Fargo + Kumiko, the treasure hunter

  • Film, Drama

Time Out says

As part of the Americana 2015 film series, it's a double feature with 'Fargo' and 'Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter'. 'Fargo' is the sixth feature film from the Coen brothers. Winner of the Oscar for Best Screenplay, the film is a milestone in the Coens' career, a mix of black comedy, thriller, and an almost existential drama. In 'Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter', a Japanese woman tortured by loneliness lives her everyday life full of resentment toward a useless job, a boss who degrades her and a mother who does nothing but nag her about still being single. But her mood changes when he sees a scene in an American movie where a man buries a suitcase full of money in a wintry remote site of the United States.


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