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Beer & Pizza Night: The Big Lebowski

  • Film, Drama

Time Out says

Joel Coen. USA, 1998. Original language, Spanish subtitles. 117'.

The Phenomena cinema's Beer & Pizza Night series is inaugurated with one of the most fun and surreal films from the Coen brothers, where they created the Dude, who was inspired by the independent promotor who helped them distribute their first film, 'Blood Simple'. 

The Dude, a lazy good-for-nothing who doesn't do much more than laze around in his bathrobe and meet his friends at the bowling alley, is mistaken by a pair of thugs for the millionaire Jeff Lebowski, with whom he shares only a surname. After their visit, he decides to go in search of the real Lebowski to set things straight. The real Lebowski in turn makes the Dude an offer: if he can get Lebowski's wife back, the Dude will be compensated generously.


€9 (ticket + pizza + beer)
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