Documentary of the month: GMO OMG

Film, Drama
OMG: Organisme modificat genèticament
OMG: Organisme modificat genèticament

Jeremy Seifery. USA, 2013. Original language, Catalan subtitles. 90'.

Director Jeremy Seifert is a concerned parent who travels around in search of answers to questions like, How does genetically modified food affect our children, the health of our planet and our freedom of choice? Seifert sets out to find out if it's possible to reject the current food system, or whether we have lost something we can never get back. 'GMO OMG' shows the director's journey from his family's dining room table through Haiti, Paris and Norway, to the lobby of agricultural chemical supplier Monsanto, where he's unceremoniously expelled. Along the way, he delves into an issue that more and more people of the world are concerned with: Do we really know what we're eating? 

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