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Jaws + Alien

  • Film, Drama

Time Out says

After four years of sharing cinephilia experiences in various cinemas around Barcelona, the organisers of the Phenomena Experience, with Nacho Cerdà at the helm, have decided to really go for it and open their own cinema where Nàpols used to be. The much-anticipated grand opening is finally here, and they're doing it classic-style, with the same double feature that kicked off The Ultimate Cinematic Experience on December 16, 2010 – namely, 'Jaws' and 'Alien'. The day of Phenomena's grand opening also marks 39 years since the premiere of 'Jaws' in Spain. Yep, it was nearly four decades ago that Steven Spielberg immersed us in this masterly filmed nightmare. And just four years later, in 1979, Ridley Scott revolutionised science fiction with 'Alien', and a horror icon was born.


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