Phenomena: The Godfather

Film, Drama
The Godfather
The Godfather.

Francis Ford Coppola. USA, 1972. Original version, Spanish subtitles. 175'.

Phenomena Experience has programmed a film cycle based on pure passion for spectacular epic films that Hollywood has done up big. The cycle, called 'And the Oscar goes to ...', gives us the opportunity to see four films on the big screen that not only won at the Oscars, but that marked an era. The first is Coppola's masterpiece, 'The Godfather'. Don Vito Corleone is the respected and feared head of the New York mafia families. His son Michael doesn't want  anything to do with the family businesses, and the oldest, Sonny, seems destined to be his successor. When Corleone refuses to get involved in the drug business, the head of another family orders his assassination, sparking a violent and bloody war.

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