FICGLB 13: Shorts, session 1

FICGLB 13: Shorts, session 1

The first session of short films in the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival includes the following films: ‘Ratas’ (Jota Linares, 2012. Spain); ‘Daniël’ (Vincent Fitz-Jim, 2012. Holland); ‘Bankers’ (Antonio da Silva, 2012. UK); ‘I’ve Only Just Begun’ (Elias Koskimies, 2012. Finland); ‘Adults Only’v(Michael J. Saul, 2013. USA); ‘The Rookie and the Runner’ (Augie Robles, 2012. USA); and ‘Spooners’ (Bryan Horch, 2013. USA). The director of the last short of this session will present. 

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