FICGLB 13: Shorts, session 2


The second session of short films in the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival includes the following films: ‘Gay Goth Scene’ (Kai Stänicke, 2013. Germany); ‘Encounter with a Mirror’ (Germán de Diego, 2013. Spain); ‘Social Butterfly’ (Lauren Wolkstein, 2012. France); ‘Severed’ (Mark Pariselli, 2012. Canada); ‘Mi Realidad’ (Carlos Ocho, 2013. Spain); ‘Hermes & Aphrodite’ (Gregor Zootzky, 2013. Germany); ‘I Still Love You’ (Henrique Faria, 2012. Holland); ‘Ha(r)d to Say’ (Miguel Gabaldón, 2012. USA); ‘Luigi e Vincenzo’ (Giuseppe Bucci, 2013. Italy); ‘Chat Romeo’ (Damià Serra Cauchetiez, 2013. Spain); and ‘It’s Consuming Me’ (Kai Stänicke, 2012.Germany). Directors Germán de Diego, Carlos Ocho, Miguel Gabaldón, Giuseppe Bucci and Damià Serra will be in attendance during this session.

2 people listening