¡Que trabaje Rita!: Samba di riteiro!

¡Que trabaje Rita!
©Dominik Valvo ¡Que trabaje Rita!

The gang at ¡Que Trabaje Rita! just can't help it: whenever they start planning a new party night, they end up with a macro show with a thousand names – line-ups that even when you see them you can't believe them. This time the highlights include Malena Gracia (yes, the blonde from 'Loca, por un beso tuyo' fame) and the queen of Carnival, Regina Dos Santos. In addition to those ladies, the bill includes Las Juanettes, La Ford Fiesta, La Prohibida, Kika Lorace, Steve Redant, Juanma Escudero... they just don't stop. Apolo's gonna explode!

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