Festival de la infància 2014

festival de la infancia

The Festival of Childhood is back. This annual event that's been in Barcelona for more than half a century brings all kinds of fun, cultural and musical activities to the city for the whole family to enjoy together. This year, activities related to technology and ecology, and traditional performances will be the stars of the 51st edition, and will coincide with the XD Young Fest, a new festival of entertainment and multimedia experiences aimed at young people ages 12 and up.

Among the various activities of the Festival of Childhood this year are 3D cinema sessions where images are projected in 360 degrees, as well as interactive and sensory games that allow the littlest ones to discover technology in a surprising way. Small children will also be taught how to grow food in an organic garden that will be created to commemorate the International Year of Family Farming, and of course they'll find the usual programme of puppet shows, clowns and magic, as well as adventure areas, a skating rink, car circuits... All the ingredients you need for kids to have a great time!




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