Les aromes del 1700

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Mona de Pasqua
Mona de Pasqua

Kids (and adults) love gobbling up the special 'mona de Pascua' Easter cake and chocolate eggs. But do you know where the Catalan tradition of the mona comes from? This workship invites kids to travel to Barcelona 1707, where Archduke Carlos III prepared a game to celebrate Easter with the children in the Old City of the Born. Through a game of clues (in Catalan) you'll get to know the origin of the mona, which is linked to European tradition, and also learn more about the world of chocolate in the 18th century, taking in the aromas of vanillia, pepper, ginger... And finally, each boy and girl gets to make a mona and a chocolate egg to decorate it with in this delicious workshop. 


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