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The City of Dreams 2017

  • Kids, Festivals

Time Out says

Change or die, they say. What was known as the Festival de la Infancia for years and years has changed its name and philosophy. Now called The City of Dreams ('La ciutat dels somnis'), this big annual party has kept its playful personality, but it's a bit updated to be more educational, focusing on future vocations for kids. The question 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' takes on new dimensions.

The new festival features a re-creation of a big city with a hospital, a mechanic's shop, a town hall and a sport facility. Kids from age 4 to age 12 can learn about grown-up jobs via some 100 activities where they play at being chefs, mechanics, computer technicians, actors, doctors, illustrators, journalists and even 3D experts. In total, you and your kids will find 60 professions from 12 different sectors, and special care has been taken to break with gender stereotypes associated with the jobs.

As in any city, the squares are where most of the fun and frivolity takes place, and the square in this city of dreams is no different. In the central square you can see plays, magic shows, and puppet shows. There is also a circuit for drivers, where kids can learn the basic rules of the road, as well as a TV station to discover the inner works of television journalism. They can stay in a hotel and learn all the types of jobs offered there, and even build a house or building. Anyone who's interested in cooking can head to the market and show off their skills at the stove.

Something else that's new is a parent-pleaser as well: this year the price is half of what it was last year. You can spend the whole day for just €6 a person, and kids under four years old get in for free.


€6 (free for under-4s)
Opening hours:
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