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The elegance of penguins

  • Kids, Active events
Pingüí Aquàrium
Pingüí Aquàrium

Time Out says

L’Aquàrium is home to 26 penguins (13 couples) of the 'Spheniscus Humboldtii' species, native to the coasts off Chile and Peru. You can get to know all about them and meet them up close through a series of family activities at the Aquarium.

In 'Conversations among feathers' (Sat, Sun 11.30pm and 4.30pm), the penguins' carers answer all your questions as you watch them feed the animals. Kids and their families can discover how many species of penguins there are in the world, how they're different from each other, if they all live in icy climates, why there are two times per year when they eat more, how many eggs they lay at a time, if they're loyal partners...

Another of the activities is 'Behind the scenes with Captain Aquarium', where experts at the centre give you an exclusive look at spaces that are normally off-limits to the general public: the quarantine room, the kitchen, the laboratory and the upper part of the Oceanarium.

Kids can also make fold their own paper fortune teller into the shape of a penguin’s beak and find the answers to questions inside in the activity 'The penguin's beak', and paint and decorate a mask as they like in 'The penguin mask'.


Activities included with admission into L'Aquàrium
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