Carita Bonita

Carita Bonita

Ursu and Mireia explain that the illuminated sign they've put up above the door at Presing, a place in Barcelona's gay neighbourhood par excellence, the Eixample, will go up and down, that the Carita Bonita (‘pretty face’) will only show itself on Friday nights.

Veterans of the scene
Since 2010, the two women have been in charge of Melon Party, a popular monthly theme party for lesbians. The pair are happy, radiating enthusiasm for their endeavor, and full of pride, not so much for the fact that they host one of the longest-running parties in the city, but rather because they’re ‘survivors’. Along the way they’ve seen other well-known lesbian fiestas fall by the wayside. They insist that they’re not at all tired from managing Melon, and the proof is that they have the energy to put themselves into the spotlight not just once a month but now every week. This duo are always on the front line. They live up to their roles as party hostesses, always looking to spread happiness and good vibes. And they know their stuff. What motivates them, they say, is that women come and have a good time. ‘What makes it all worthwhile is when, for instance, one of these women sees you one day and tells you that you made their week thanks to the great time they had and how comfortable they felt. That’s priceless.’ Ursu and Mireia complement each other. They share knowing looks. ‘After all these years we know each other really well and we’re a good team, because whatever I can’t get done, she does, and vice versa. We’re very balanced,’ says Ursu, as Mireia nods in agreement.

A challenge for a laugh
The first Melon Party started as a kind of joke challenge. ‘We were at a weekend party in the countryside, and we had a great time. We were talking and talking, and said to each other, “Come on, what would it take for us to do something like that?” And here we are.’ Here they are indeed. Presing also has a photo booth, another survivor in this age of selfies and social networks. Unlike the overpriced machines you find in metro stations, this one is sponsored and free. Another fun touch from these women who are more than just pretty faces.


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