Churros con Chocolate: At home


Lazing about on the sofa. In slippers. In a tracksuit. In your underwear. No tie, no style, no accessories. What joy! This weekend's Churros con Chocolate party champions the pleasure and tranquility of staying home, and invites everyone to relax and spend a Sunday night at Sala Apolo just as if you were watching a so-bad-it's-good made-for-TV movie. Providing music are DJs Perotútehasvisto and YYMHDJs (regulars at the craziest Razzmatazz sessions), who join residents Cheap Son and Chica B. The Antichurros party, if you're more into electronica, features Boytronique, Kosmos&Ginebra, Muñumer and Hernán Lagos.  

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