Churros con Chocolate: Hidrogenesse + Chica Barata + The Pop Kids + Boquete & Kaaru + Tay Arín + Muerta Sánchez


It's not a secret that Churros con Chocolate is one of the wildest and most caloric nights on the Barcelona monthly calendar. They've always got a new theme, there's more than just standing around and drinking, and the soirées have got big personality. To top that off, this month there's a charitable side to the party, as profits are going to the Poble-sec Artisan Foundation, a non-profit that's been dedicated to the care of people with intellectual disabilities since 1979. And this month's theme is sweet as well: summertime! Shaking the house down is the line-up starring Hidrogenesse and Chica Barata, and and featuring The Pop Kids, Boquete & Kaaru, Tay Arín, Muerta Sánchez, Hal 9000, Polpax, and The Boy from Hell. Sweat off the churros with great music – plus, it's for a good cause!