Churros con chocolate: I want to be an Almovódar girl


Time Out says

The Churros team couldn't finish up the season on a low note, and even less so because this weekend coincides with Barcelona's Gay Pride festivities, so they've decided to give a shout out to Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar and his many female stars with a theme of 'I want to be an Almodóvar girl'. To get the dancefloor going, there'll be the DJ of the season, Mr. K!, and the party's regulars, Chica Barata and Cheap Son. We can reveal that there will be a special, and very surreal, guest star, directly related to one of Pedrito's first four films. In the Anti-Churros section you'll find the Ká Crew, giving it their all to try and steal the thunder from the people upstairs. And if you've got any energy left at all, as always Refrito will be the place for great electronic sounds, at the hands of Chica Barata, Hernán Lagos and DJ Dynamische.


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