Churros con Chocolate: London... 19th Century

Churros con Chocolate

The gang at Churros dress up Victorian style and claim as their own the murky Thames of 19th-century London, Jack the Ripper and the bloodiest gangs, Pickwick, the Industrial Revolution and the hunting parties of the poshest and most inebriated lords. To liven up your journey back in time, the DJs on hand are Chica Barata, Cheap Son, Hidroboy and Boccachico. At the Anti-Churros party in Apolo's La [2], join the furry party with the guys from Bear Pride 2017 (The 2 Golden Bears, Heroe of Hits, Mr. Pin Up, Oscar Marandos, Morlex, and animation from Underbear). And if you still need to shake your booty, starting at 1am, and also in La [2], dance on with Chica B and Hernán Lagos. 


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