Panteres Grogues Carnival: Game Over

Panteres Grogues Game Over

The Panteres Grogues (Yellow Panthers) are back to liven up this Carnival season with their 'Game Over' theme, where LGBTI video games and fantasy work together to come up with the sexiest, most camp, wildest and most kitsch creations in the known universe. In Tango's Sala 1, you'll hear the most current hits courtesy of DJs Ari Korrales, Banana Laser, and The Florettes, while in Sala 2 you can dance to the best tracks from the '70s and '80s with DJ Pam Pool and the Dramas de Honor, and TvMnstr and Mr. K put the cherry on the top of the night with electro-pop and house. Get your costume ready, and go as Super Mario, Pac-Man, a Space Invader, Sonic, a Tetris piece... Plan it well because there are prizees for the best costumes in the categories of men, women and group.


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