Harry's Bar


A piano, music notes flying through the air, someone gets the courage and sings a song with a Bloody Mary in hand ... Harry's Bar operates on a different speed and occupies another dimensional plane, only good alcohol tasting  zombies know of its existence. The Harry's cocktail (of its own invention), is served in a martini glass, and offers a spectacular blend of gin, dubonnet, tangerine cream, and to complete it, a candied cherry. Be careful, because this cocktail goes straight to your head, and after two or three drinks you will have one of the countless orgasms that our friend Harry will give you in a single night. That night you will be better than Nacho Vidal.

By: Ò.B.


Venue name: Harry's Bar
Address: Aribau, 143
Eixample Esquerre
Transport: Provença (FGC)
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