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Afrobeats Barcelona Festival

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Afrobeats Barcelona Festival
Afrobeats Barcelona Festival

Time Out says

If you want to immerse yourself in today's African culture, with music and loads of activities, don't miss this celebration at Sala Apolo

Sala Apolo is hosting the first edition of the Afrobeats Barcelona festival, which aims to show off the power of today's African culture. Music is the big star (though it's not the only one!) of the party, combining the strength of Fela Kuti's Afrobeat legacy with the avant-garde rhythms of a new generation of African electronic musicians. Taking the stage are Ogun Afrobeat, a band that represents the Yoruba culture and led by Nigerian drummer Akin Dimeado Onas; a mix of tribal sounds with electronica from DE9; Senegalese artist Momi Manga with his kora and his orchestra; nonstop beats from Dentora; and local bands like the popular Alma Afrobeat Ensemble and the Orquesta Africana de Barcelona.

You'll also see Afrobeat dance performances from established artists such as Makuriya, a young dancer born in Gambia from a family from Sierra Leone, who used to live in Spain but now lives in London; and Anthony Díaz, who, at just 20 years old, is considered the Afrobeat dancer of right now. And that's not all, because you'll find so many more examples of modern culture and emerging artists from around the continent of Africa, through dance, face painting, braids and various workshops. Go get the beat!


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