ARTeNOU 2015: Mura Masa + Cooly G + 813 + beGun...

Music, Dance and electronic
Mura Masa
Mura Masa

The gardens at the Ateneu Santboià welcome the fifth edition of this festival where you can see some of the hottest electronic acts known on the local scene and internationally. This year the party starts at noon at the Nook Garden, where the stars will be the live show from M.A.D., three young artists from Rubí and their eclectic electronica; Orange Broek, charged with a proto-electronica delicacy; and Pyramids on the Street, a personal project from German artist resident in Barcelona, Marcel Biller; as well as DJ sessions from Pe Be, Toner, enpunto and Mario Nieto (Bitcode). Starting from 4pm, on the Ateneo main stage, it's live music from Yosef The Soul, the 'it' producer from the south of Spain; JackWasFaster, who is often considered the local answer to Lindstrøm or Todd Terje; Begun's refined electronical with refreshing vocal touches; Britain's Cooly G and her sophisticated class; Moullinex, a project from portuguese artist Luis Clara Gomes, full of beats for dancing; French duo The Geek x VRV and their electronica diluted with jazz, funk, soul and hip hop; another young Brit in the form of Mura Masa, whose debut album on Yakarta Records, 'Soundtrack to a Death' (2014), is full of hip hop and R&B; and the beats of Russian producer and musician Alexander Goryachev and his project 813. The party continues at Nitsa Club from 1am.

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