BDN DI6 Hardcore Fest

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Time Out says

It's the second edition of this promising little festival of hardcore punk. This year the organisers have managed to score two legends of the '80s in MDC and Gang Green. IN addition to the veterans, you'll also get to see international groups including Born From Pain, STAB, First Blood, Knuckledust and Wolfpack.

Rounding out the line-up are other biggies from closer to Barcelona: 24 Ideas, Anal Hard, Afganistán Ye-Yes, Wilderness, Appraise and Golpe de Rabia. There will also be two tributes: DX Cerebros, a partial reunion of Mallorcan band Cerebros Exprimidos, and Fuego en la Moncloa, paying homage to Barcelona band Antidogmatiks.


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