Ciutat Flamenco 2013: Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, Marta Robles, Alba Carmona & Salao + Duquende

Music, Latin and world
Marta Robles i Alba Carmona
© Ana Moreno Marta Robles i Alba Carmona

A group on the rise in the traditional Korean music scene, Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, takes the stage along with a couple of other great performers: guitarist Marta Robles, one of the most respected figures in today’s flamenco scene, and singer Alba Carmona. This time they’re boasting a special collaboration with José Antonio Martín, also known as ‘Salao’. This line-up is completed by Duquende, one of the most acclaimed singers in the country, who will perform his latest album, ‘Rompecabezas’ (2012).

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