Curtcircuit 2016: James Brown Tribute

Music, Funk, soul and disco
James Brown Tribute
James Brown Tribute

To mark the tenth anniversary of the death of James Brown, Blackcelona, Nació Funk and Curtcircuit join forces to pay tribute to one of the most emblematic artists in the history of music. This is a party to celebrate Brown's music and legacy, with performances by a great all-stars band made up of musicians and singers from some of Barcelona's top groups on the funk-soul scene, including The Slingshots, Lalo López, Miguelito Superstar & Paquito Sex Machine (Fundación Tony Manero ), Michel Clavero (Café Soul), Ster Wax (Wax & Boogie), Sr. Chen, Brodas Bros Crew, and more. Over 15 musicians take the stage to bring James Brown's heart and soul to fans and get you up dancing – you won't be able to help yourself.


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